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Andrea Maggetto
4 min readJun 24, 2022

The last decade showed the world how the Digital and all the Tech platforms have taken control over several aspects of our own life. Whether at the beginning they were just a connection tool, in the last few years, they have fully turned into powerful ones to make you stand out in this increasingly digitalized world.

How did it all start?

All the Social Network platforms as we know them today own an established and longstanding story, seeing their inception in the 1980s.

Going from the very first Interconnected Network created back in 1987, which enabled a few USA-based universities to gain the possibility to send each other emails, software and hardware, to reach one decade later, in 1997, the very first Social Media Platform ever, adding fully new and never before seen communications services such as CompuServe, America Online, and Prodigy.

Over time, not only connection platforms started to be formed, but also popular ones that allowed the people to start writing their blogs, like the famous Blogger after acquired by Google in 2003, or also the very-known Myspace, and Linkedin that, at the time it was made, was a completely different service compared to what it has become years after.

By the way, though Social media were already in our life at that time, they surely weren’t something essential for us. People merely used them to connect with someone they haven’t seen in a long time or to be properly updated with the latest news.

Anyway, this paradigm changed when Facebook joined this game, at the time it went public in 2005.

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The importance to get a Digital presence

Fast-forwarding to nowadays, the Social Platforms have become one of the most essential chunks of our life, at least once per day we visit one of them, scroll endlessly through it and got in touch with the contents we want to be entertained by.

Mostly during the last few years, Social media have also shifted from their primitive task of connecting people with each other. Nowadays, they’ve been massively adopted as a way of marketing, selling products and creating a business, making the word “Digital business” arise.

To make matters worse, paralleling the huge increase of new and helpful features inside the Socials, also new kinds of jobs came to life, such as the Influencer, Digital marketer and Copywriter. Jobs that didn’t even exist a decade ago.

This prominent Social Media evolution has progressively made the people approach them in a different way. Many started their business right on these platforms, others became content creators or E-Commerce owners, reversing not only the way to create their own products and services but also the techniques implemented when it comes to marketing.

The rise of Social media is undeniably and this trend seems to be here to stay.

Until a decade ago, if a Company was intended to launch a product or a brand new service, the investment it had to put into creating advertising and all the Marketing was considerable and it has to work flawlessly.

Luckily, the Digital transformation has turned this pattern into a new and more sustainable direction. Nowadays, the firms through their Ads, Social profiles and their Website, perhaps the cornerstone of effective digital communication, have attained the opportunity of still pursuing and putting their marketing strategies into action but with a significant reduction of resources, time and overall costs.

How to raise that

Obviously, not only the business has the chance to leverage them.

They are a very important tool also for small businesses, workers and freelancers. Getting an outstanding digital profile can be the key to undertaking the career you’ve always wanted to do, making that transaction from one job environment to another one and last, but not least, being able to connect with mentors and business owners, breaking the barriers that were there before.

Linkedin is the undisputed tool when it comes to emerging from the competition.

In order to boost it, you could:

  • Set the path: How do you want the others to perceive you? The world is full of issues, which ones are you able to solve? What is the message you want to carry to your audience?
  • Basics: Build the basics of your profile, starting from your own Website, your blog, an Instagram account, etc…
  • Attention: What’s the strategy you want to pursue to bring the others in contact with your brand awareness? How are the people going to get in touch with the basics you’ve created?
  • Keep: How do you want the people’s attention to be turned when it comes to your business? Do you want to be noticed by HR/job head hunters? Do you want them to try your product?

The above list could be a valuable entry point to the Digital Personal branding world if you want.

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To sum up

Eventually, this was a brief regarding the way Social media shaped our current world and hands-on strategies to concretely increase your self digital presence.

See you at the next story!

Thank you very much for reading my story, I really hope you enjoyed it!

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